picture of our logo a white dog drawn with sharp angles The “Small Tooth Dog” Publishing Group LLC is based in Arizona. We publish a range of items mostly dealing with the performing arts and creativity as well as kids’ books for parents to share stories with their own children.

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You can reach us via postal mail at:

Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC
PO Box 392
Tolleson, AZ 85353

(BEST!) Email: staff (at) smalltoothdog (dot) com (Use a great subject line, won’t you?)

Phone: (623) 226-8326

Privacy Policy:
We respect your right to privacy. If you join one of our Email lists, you will only hear from us and your information will not be sold, rented etc. This website is intended for adult visitors. Some products or resources are available for parents or other caregivers to use with and for their own children or for teachers in a classroom setting.

Nothing on this site should be considered a guarantee of income, amounts of income or business success.

If you send us comments, pictures, letters and so forth, we reserve the right to republish those items in any format. We will, in most cases, obscure your full identity if you wish.

Manuscripts and Queries:
We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Contact us for guidelines first by providing us an initial Email with your concept. Currently, we are revising our 2018 schedule for internal projects, assisted self-publishing projects and a limited number of new titles from outside authors. We are a diverse company with a variety of options. Again, please do not send unsolicited manuscripts to us.

“Done For You” Books for Professionals and SME (Subject Matter Experts)
We can create multi-chapter “question and answer” books for those professionals who are seeking to create a book for current or potential clients. This work is perfect for professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, insurance reps and others in the same such work. You may contact us for information on this “done for you” project for your business.

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Mission Statement:

We are a small, niche-based publishing company in Arizona.
We publish books in the arts and creativity for adults and kids.
We want to build personally-rewarding and profitable relationships with our authors, illustrators, and staff.
We are a diverse, friendly, and welcoming company.
We want to encourage you to pursue your purpose in life.

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