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In our office,

the dogs have a toy box filled with rubber bones, squeaky toys, and some smart toys. So, this is the Small-Tooth-Dog Toy Box! We’ll put toys and fun stuff here for you to come to dig around in. NOTE: Most of the book pages have some downloads there, too. So sniff around our dog house here and see what fun people-y things you can find on this website.


1. FREE Coloring Pages.

We’re uploading these as we go. You may use these for your home, your school, etc. You may not reprint them in a book (of any type or manner)  or repost them anywhere else for distribution. Want to give them to kids to color and share the results online? That is fine. Tag us at #smalltoothdog.

Coloring Pages: Quill™ Asks: “Will You Put a Design on My Mask?”

Coloring Pages: Stay at Home and Read! (Quill™ Hunkers Down!) 

Coloring Pages: Wash Your Hands, Quill (handwashing reminder for kids)

Coloring Pages: Castle (From applesfortheprincess.com)

Coloring Pages: Basket of Apples (from applesfortheprincess.com)

Coloring Pages: Pigs and Piglet from applesfortheprincess.com

Coloring Page: Quill™ and His Owl Friends (Tucson Festival of Books)

Coloring Pages: Halloween Feather and Furry (okay for little kids)



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