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Storytelling Tips: 70 Techniques, Thoughts and Take-Action Steps to Help You Share Your Message Effectively Using Oral Storytelling

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Storytelling Tips For Sharpening Your Skills from Sean Buvala

These tips, techniques and thoughts will help you be a better presenter, speaker or storyteller when using oral storytelling.

You get 70 concise tips that you can study one-by-one or jump about to specific concepts. Using Sean's No-Nonsense approach, you will get lots of great ideas without a lot of extra distractions and filler materials.

Use Sean's Unique Take-Action Steps!

What makes this tips book different? You won't just read a tip and forget about it in the next moment. Dig into your learning right away. Sean includes one of his "Take Action!" activities for each tip. Go deeper with the tips and you will discover immediate application for your presentations.

What's Inside?

In this book, you will find several sections of unique tips covering:

  • The Person of the Storyteller (24 Tips)
  • Techniques of the Storyteller (24 Tips)
  • Public Speaking Mechanics (8 Tips)
  • Nonprofit Organizations (4 Tips)
  • Wandering Tips (10 Tips)

You Get Training from a Recognized Storytelling Expert

Sean Buvala is the founder and director of Storyteller.net, one of the oldest and most complete online resources for all things related to the art and science of oral storytelling. He's been recognized by the National Storytelling Network with an Oracle Award for leadership in storytelling. His unique experience (nearly 30 years) in story performance, business coaching and nonprofit development comes through when you use this book of storytelling techniques and tips.

How to Use These Tips

Working on your own? Grab a notebook, read your way through the tips and do the "Take Action!" activities. Working with a guild or cadre? Choose a few tips for each meeting and start a great discussion. In your organization or business, follow Sean's guidelines to collect and refine your company's narratives. Alone or with a group, this book will improve your skills as a storyteller and communicator.

Take Action Now

Get ready to be challenged. Add this book to your Print or Kindle collection and discover new ideas about using the narrative arts in your business, life or performances.
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