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Storyteller's Journal #1: What You Should Know

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Storyteller, who are you? What should you know? What is your place in the world's oral storytelling traditions?

Pages of Thought-Provoking Comments and Questions
We asked oral storytellers from around the world to answer the question, "What should storytellers know about the art and craft of storytelling?" You'll find their responses in this write-in journal. In addition to the 30+ comments and 20 focused questions, you'll find a set of blank pages for you to generate your own thoughts and ideas.

Explore a Variety of Subjects
Ranging from the very practical to somewhat metaphorical, there are many subjects to spark your thoughts and reflection. Included are:

  • Crafting
  • Service
  • Techniques
  • Focus
  • Audiences
  • . . .and lots more.

Created by a Storytelling Expert
Sean Buvala is the founder and director of Storyteller.net, one of the oldest and most complete online resources for all things related to the art and science of oral storytelling. He's been recognized by the "National Storytelling Network" with an Oracle Award for leadership in storytelling. His unique and life-long experience (since 1986!) in story performance, business coaching and nonprofit development shines through as he curates these comments and questions for you.

How to Use This Journal
Write in it! Think through the great comments of so many skilled performing artists. Used individually or with a group or guild, this book will improve your skills on how to be a storyteller and communicator. We've left lots of writing space open so that you can bring your own spin to your new journal. If you want, why not have your team or guild work together on these intriguing subjects?

Who Should Use This Journal?
The focus in this journal is on the artist who uses stories (traditional, personal, business, sacred, healing) through oral presentation. Great for those of you who present in classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, the pulpit or on the stage. If you are working with story primarily as an author or in digital presentation, this isn't the journal for you.

Click that "Add to Bag" button and you will on your way to knowing more about yourself and the art of oral storytelling.

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