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“Oh, The Peaceful Author’s Life For Me!” Not going to happen . . .

In the old days, you could write a book and then retreat to your walled garden, to spend your days daydreaming of royalty checks as you munch on bon-bons and casually write your next amazing novel. Fun, huh?

Reality! Oh, those times are so far gone, my friend. No author who wants to succeed these days gets to hide while their publisher does all the work.

They won’t. They don’t. They can’t.

You will. You must. You can.

In our unique conference, we take a deep dive into the person of the author. What does it take to connect, past your book, with your audience? Audiences demand interaction. They want to see you, hear you, and relate to you.

Audiences demand interaction. They want to see you, hear you, connect with you.

You, however, might have some nervousness about that. Imagine if you could:

  • Understand and Conquer how anxiety and introversion are both strengths and roadblocks?
  • Learn the Basics of public speaking, even if you are terrified or just nervous?
  • Discover and Create moving stories that connect you to all types of audiences?
  • Learn How to Engage and enjoy the small talk of networking and audience mixers?
  • Get the Inside Scoop, latest news and best practices of being an indie author or publisher?

Come to our TRAINING IN THE SPRING conference for authors, writers, illustrators, publishers, and artists. 

In the heart of the west valley, March is the center of formal training for sports teams. So, we’re grabbing hold of that and planting our artsy, creative team to present intriguing, active, get-involved, take-it-home-and-use it training for our like-minded writers and authors. Hey, that’s you! We’ll even get your day started with morning-beverages, afternoon snacks and we’ll include lunch right there on-site. Learning. Munching. It’ll be a great day for your career as a communicator. Get your tickets at our EVENTBRITE site. 

You could miss this event, but then you’ll:

  • Still feel as if you are failing, even if you aren’t. Hard to shake that.
  • Still not know “what am I supposed to say” when speaking.
  • Still wonder if you are ready to do this “author” thing.
  • Still think everybody else has their act together while you stumble.
  • Still be unaware of what’s new and growing in indie publishing.

We’re here to help. This is the tentative working schedule:

We’ll add the cool workshop names and speakers to the list later, but for now, here’s the bare-bones schedule.

815am: Coffee, Snacks, and Registration (Munchies Included)

900am: Welcome and Bit of Motivation. (Staff)

915am: [Workshop]: Public Speaking for the Terrified (Sean Buvala)

1045am: Break

1115am: [Presentation] Harnessing Introversion: Getting Past Anxiety (TBA)

Noon: Lunch (Provided. Yep, there will be good choices.)

100m: [Lab Interactive] Find, Craft, and Tell YOUR Powerful Stories for Public Speaking (Laura Packer)

200pm: Break

230pm: [Workshop] How To Talk to Anyone: Relax and Enjoy Small Talk at Events and Networking. (Staff)

300pm: Break, Snacks, and Networking (Treats Provided)

330pm: The Latest Trends in Publishing for the Indie Author (Lee Wind)

430pm: What’s next in your journey (Debriefing)

500pm(ish): Dinner Break (On Your Own)

700PM: [Optional] Storytelling Concert: Stories of Art and Creators (Staff & Special Guests)

900pm: Thank you. Goodnight. See you later!

Breakfast snacks, lunch, and some afternoon munchies are included. You’ll get some resource freebies in your participant’s bag. We’ve got valuable door prizes, too. Get your tickets at our EVENTBRITE site. 

SEE more after the video: 

Confirmed Faculty (In Process)

Sean Buvala (Arizona)- Sean Buvala has been engaged with storytelling and communication since 1986. He started his work by accidentally using active storytelling to convert a classroom of slightly (but comically) homicidal 8th-grade teenagers from angry kids to storytelling practitioners themselves. From then on, both the kids and Sean were sold on the influence of a great story. An author, speaker, trainer and performance artist, Sean describes the collection of stories in his head as “life and legend” representing the mix of stories from his experiences, myth, and legend from many cultures, sacred stories and observations of shared life events. Sean is the publisher at The Small Tooth Dog Publishing Group in Arizona. Learn more on his author’s page here

Laura S. Packer (Minnesota)- Laura Packer knows that the best way to the truth is through a good story; she has coached, told, taught, ranted, raved, consulted and considered storytelling around the world. She is committed to great storytelling and helping others find their voice, tell their stories, and change the world. Laura has won multiple awards including the 2018 Minnesota Story Slam Championship. She holds a degree in folklore and mythology and is the author of From Audience to Zeal: The ABCs of Finding, Crafting, and Telling a Great Story. For her story and more, go to

Lee Wind (California)- Lee Wind is the director of marketing and programming for the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). A book blogger and author himself, Lee is passionate about empowering and amplifying independent voices. Crowdfunded in six days, his debut teen novel, QUEER AS A FIVE-DOLLAR BILL, won the 2019 National Indie Excellence Award for Best Book in the LGBTQ for Children & Young Adults category and was featured as the September 2018 Publishers Weekly BookLife Indie Success Story. Learn more at and

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