FAQ Category: Getting Started as an Author

What Do I Do First?

Write well.

Grow a “thick skin” and get informed about the world of publishing in this contemporary world. Much of the advice out there these days was great advice…for 1980.

Get coached and critiqued by both your friends and fellow guild-members of your writers’ group.

Fearlessly self-edit and get others to help.

Build and continually nurture your platform among your readers on social media, websites, and newsletters. Be prepared to sell and market. Authors have to bee seen and heard to sell books.

Explore the models of traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing.

For traditional or hybrid publishing, follow the instructions, deadlines, and guidance of your publisher. Be teachable and able to take direction.

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What Questions Should I Ask Myself?

Why are you publishing this book?
Who is your audience?
What is your marketing plan as an author?
Am I teachable, resilient, cooperative, and “thick-skinned?”

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