What is Hybrid Publishing?

Judge a book by the book itself, not the way it is published.

Hybrid Publishing: You may pay a set amount of money to help offset the cost of publishing your book. Author royalties are significantly higher per book since you have paid your publisher upfront to do the work for you.

Advantages: Your books are vetted and professionally developed. You are published under an actual imprint of a publisher. Your funding helps the process to move along faster.

Our company offers hybrid publishing as one model. We don’t have many books in this model as hybrid publishing requires the same level of vetting and intake that we give to books under our traditional-publishing. No matter how much you love your book, regardless of your pile of money you might offer, we look at the book with an objective eye. We reject most books for a variety of reasons, including the clear intent of the author to just “get it published.” You can’t pay us enough money to randomly publish your book. We will have a vested interest in your title and it will become a part of our front-list as it bears our imprint. We have books that are both traditionally published and those under the hybrid model.

Our publishing house follows the guidelines and professional standards of IBPA’s “Hybrid Publisher Criteria.” Learn more at IBPA Hybrid Publisher Criteria

We won’t let you front-load (buy too much inventory of) your books.

We are as invested (for and with you) in hybrid works as we are traditional works.

The world of publishing is changing significantly. Once-true thoughts take a long time to update and change. Old rules and old guard are in the winter season, with a new spring season upon us.

Don’t get bullied or shamed into accepting or rejecting any model of publishing. Do your homework. “Your mileage may vary.”

We do not speak for the IBPA, but we support the work. Our membership with them has been an important part of our outreach and advocacy.

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