Wood Rat and Coyote

Coming in March 2019. Currently an untitled work.

a cartoonish drawing of a woodrat wearing a yellow bandana is being stepped on by the paw of a coyote. the picture is surrounded by cholla cacti and bits of food can be seen flying out of the mouth and tiny hands of the surprised ratWood Rat has a problem. With 10 hungry packrat-baby mouths to feed he knows that he has to go out to find food for them. The moon is full, and that means it will be far more dangerous, with ravenous predators looking for an easy meal. Now, with a cupboard that is almost empty, brave Wood Rat has no choice but to venture out into the night, intent on finding something for his family to eat.

Waiting for him out in the dangerous Sonoran desert is an equally-hungry coyote looking for a meal of his own. With Wood Rat firmly in his clutches, the coyote is ready to make him the first snack of the night.

But Wood Rat has a plan that might just save his skin. Can he talk fast enough and be clever enough to outwit the devious coyote and save his young family from certain death?

Grades 4-6. Ages 10-12.

Author: Marc Severson
Paperback, 32 pages. 8.5×8.5 inch.
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