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New Spring 2019 Releases from Small Tooth Dog Publishing (Press Release)

Press Release

Use Date March 30-December 30, 2019

Synopsis- The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group released three new books for the spring of 2019, including two children’s titles and one reference book for the art of oral storytelling. These books feature the work of three authors and illustrators from Avondale, Wayzata, Minnesota, and Tucson, Arizona. The books are available at most independent bookstores and online retailers. For more information, please visit .

Avondale, Arizona-The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group of Avondale, Arizona has released three new books for Spring of 2019. A mischievous packrat and his coyote foe share in a battle of wits deep in the moonlit Sonoran Desert. The time-tested fables of Aesop come alive in contemporary retellings accompanied by vibrant, hand-cut art. The ethics, crafting, and techniques of using oral storytelling for public presentations get an in-depth examination in an intriguing reference book of 194 pages. All books are available for order or via ordering by your local bookstore. See the website at for more information.

The new books are:
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