Nancy Manet


For Nancy Manet, personal growth as a parent did not come quickly.

Nancy Manet is a singer-songwriter and first-time author. She spent most of her adult life running a small business and raising her children.

Raised in a strict religious community, Nancy did all the right things that “good girls” do.

When Nancy first had children, she expected they would behave according to rigid, dogmatic rules.

That didn’t work so well.

In appearance and behavior, Nancy thought her kids should be like perfectly-potted tulips arranged neatly in nice rows. Instead, her daughter was more like a wildflower.

As her daughter began to share her different views of the world, Nancy had a choice. Listen to her daughter and expand as a parent or force her rigid belief system on her daughter.

Nancy chooses to expand and now embraces the world through a different lens – inclusive and accepting of all.

a big and little bear bump heads on the cover of the book. watercolor collage illustration against a dark green background.Nancy lives in the country at home with her two Beagles (Lucy and Linus). She enjoys her close-knit community of friends, and you will often find her watching a local band while cutting it up on the dance floor.

She loves connecting with people. Send her a message and be on the lookout for her next project – the musical journey.

Never stop being the authentic you!

Nancy’s first book is My Expansion. Her second book will be released in Fall 2024.

Her self-titled album, which includes the My Expansion song, was released in May of 2024 and can be found wherever good music is sold.