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We’ll Create Your Office Book
You’ve heard this: “Call and ask for a copy of our free book.” That quote is a customer-attraction magnet. A book is your best business card. It gives you authority and integrity. Do you need a book primarily to give to your present or future clients, patients or guests? Your book can be correctly created by our team to answer the most frequently-asked questions about the services offered by your business. You’ll teach, inspire, and convert customers.

While most of our work is in some very specific niches and uses a more traditional-publishing model, these Office Books are created for you for a fee. Your book could change your business and we’ll do the work to create the book. We take very few of these hybrid-publishing projects in order to keep up with our other business. If we take your project, rest assured we have the time and resources available. Keep reading.

We’re offering a new service via our “Under-the-Stone Publishing Company,” an imprint of our “The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group, LLC.”

With minimal work on your part, we’ll create and publish your business-building book. You’ll need about one hour of writing time to make a list of questions and 2-3 hours for a phone interview with us. After that first interview, we will take over. Moving through transcription, editing, formatting, cover design, and the final proofing, your book will be customer-ready (paperback and the K-formatted Ecopy) in about 8 weeks or less. We make it easy for you to create a product that you can use to educate and entertain your customers and clients. Your new book will be your always-ready and hard-working partner building your authority with those you serve.

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Who owns this book?
It’s your book. You are the author. You own the copyrights. We are the publishing house and our team does the work for a fee. This is a type of hybrid-publishing.

What type of book will this be?
In most cases, your book will be a “question and answer” book tailored to your customers, developed specifically with your written input for you. This is a customized work of your knowledge and experience, not simply a new cover on old materials.

How can I do this if I (can’t)(don’t want to)(don’t have time to) write?
You can write 20 or so questions on a piece of paper or computer screen. Then, you’ll answer your questions in a guided, fun, conversational, helpful and live phone interview with one of our staff. You will also need to approve the final proof, which will require that you actually read your own book.

How many copies of the book will I receive?
With the first run, you will receive 50 paperback copies. After that, you may order more copies at the very low wholesale cost. We will discuss the details with you. You are primarily paying for our services, not quantities of books.

The average cost for this “do it all for me” approach is $8500 USD. To get started, contact us at If you are not ready yet to make a choice, then we suggest and invite that you add your name to our Emailing list to the right side of this page. We’ll keep you updated about new offerings and programs. >>>>