Measures of Story: How to Create A Story

Measures of Story: How to Create A Story From Floats and Anecdotes.
Author: K. Sean Buvala
Publisher: The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC

Take your tale from “What?” to “Wow!” Communicate with great stories!

In this book, a storytelling coach teaches you how to create effective and compelling stories from anecdotes and floats- the odds and ends of stories in your life or organization.

Anecdotes are pieces of the much greater story you have inside. Floats are the “little brother” of anecdotes. In this mini-book, your will learn about (and experience) creating stories that you can use in a variety of ways from storytelling to print to video.

Take the odds and ends of the stories floating around you and turn them into useful tools.

In the “Measures of Story: How to Create a Story from Floats and Anecdotes” book you will:

* Explore the differences between stories, anecdotes and floats.

* Replace your archaic “elevator speech.” Understand why real stories make better communication tools.

* Learn the most overused floats that aren’t the stories you might think they are.

* See how these anecdotes and floats become stories with examples for the personal and business world.

* See how a “world tale” can help to drive home an important point.

* Create your new stories with Sean’s “Take Action!” activities.

* Discover more online resources to help you learn to share convincing stories with associates, friends, students or family.

If you are using story in business, a non-profit organization, a school or just for the next family gathering, you will use your newly created stories to bring fresh life and energy to your events. If increased profits or contributions are your goals, you cannot do better than to use powerful stories to meet those needs.

Note: This particular book is not about oral storytelling techniques such as pacing, gestures, eye contact and so on. Rather, this book focuses on the creation of real stories from anecdotes to be used in sharing stories (storytelling or otherwise) in education, business, healthcare or even with your own family.

Sean does not just insist that *you* should use stories. Rather, you will experience how Sean teaches and connects concepts by the use of stories, putting his teaching into action.

About the Author:

Sean Buvala has an occupation that many might envy: Professional Storyteller.

From kids in classrooms to bosses in boardrooms, he has taught the art of storytelling to thousands of people since 1986. With the big jobs of creating workshops for some of the best-known companies to the intimate work of writing “how to” books for parents, Sean’s deep immersion into the art of storytelling helps you communicate with great clarity.

Along with his many coaching and training duties, he is an accomplished performance storyteller adventuring across borders and ocean waves to share his stories and training. Sean is the director of one of the oldest storytelling-learning websites.