Birds! Bugs! Beasts with Wings! / Aves! Insectos! Bestias con Alas!

bright yellow cover of book with words and up close picture of a honey bee Explore the world of living things with wings in this fun book for the young child.

Bright photos are matched with simple sentences and rhymes.

En Inglés y Español.
Tips for parents included, too.

It’s a cute little picture book for parents and caregivers to read with a small child, but it’s really a tool for growing literacy in the young child! The keys to early literacy: read the words, look at the pictures, ask questions, talk about what you see.

Published by “Under the Stone Publishing,” an imprint of The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC.

Written by Lillian H. Wren
Edited by K. Sean Buvala


Kindle™ (Link)

Paperback (Link: At Amazon)
8.5×8.5 inch
ISBN: 9781947408128

Hardback (Out of Stock)
7×7 inch Square limited edition
ISBN: 9781947408043

Covers may vary from edition to edition.

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