O Antiphons

Currently available Cover for the O Antiphons book by Sean Buvalaon Kindle.

Explore Advent’s “O Antiphons” via a Storyteller’s Point of View
In this small book (it’s short and concise), professional storyteller Sean Buvala shares 7 stories to accompany the O Antiphon prayers or reflection in personal or communal prayer in the Advent season. As well, there are several chapters in the book giving some background to both the stories and to the Antiphons themselves. While not overtly “adult” in nature, these stories are not for kids and are intended for adult prayer and reflection. They can be adapted for use in parish-wide presentation or retreat as needed. This is not a “devotional” in the classic sense.

A Blend of Unusual Stories
This is a simple project from the heart. Sean has chosen the stories from his own research of fables, folktales and stories he’s created working in his previous days in liturgical ministry as well as his experience as a nationally-traveled storyteller since 1986.

Unique Art from Michelle Buvalaa rooster drawn in scribble art style from the o antiphons book
Michelle Buvala interprets each story via simple sketch and Scribble art, appropriate for the season of Advent. Like the stories in the book, some of the art is expected and some will surprise you.

Preface by Harriet Cole
Nationally-recognized storyteller and workshop leader shares her thoughts about story and the O Antiphons in the book’s preface.

Created by a Storytelling Expert
Sean Buvala is the founder and director of Storyteller.net, one of the oldest and most complete online resources for all things related to the art and science of oral storytelling. He’s been recognized by the “National Storytelling Network” with an Oracle Award for leadership in storytelling. His unique and life-long experiences in story performance, ministry and nonprofit development were used to develop these stories.

caption reads my relationship to advent has always been complicated in white lettering over a background of candleholders made of ice.