Children’s Book Week May 2023

It’s Children’s Book Week! 📚 Coloring Page Alert! Freebies below for home and classroom activities.↓a collage illustration of a brown bear sitting crosslegged and reading a blu-covered book. little blue birds sit on the bear's book, shoulder and head

Reading books with your kids can be a great way to spend quality time together and to help your kids develop important skills:

• Improved language and communication
• Improved problem-solving
• Enhanced focus and concentration
• Increased memory and creativity

Plus, it’s just plain fun! 😃

Oh, the free coloring page? Here it is!
Free bookmarks to print & color?  Go right here!

We love the hashtag #ReadBooksSparkChange. What better way to kick that off than when of our bears from “My Expansion” by @nanmanet? This book is about sparking change in the relationship between Big Bear and the cub. From learning and growing as a bear family in the book to finding more expansion by reading great books, we think this art by illustrator @themesquitetreestudio is perfect.

Need even more free pages for classroom activities?  Go here for the full list.


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New Indie Reader Approved Book: My Expansion

Here’s today’s news! For our “My Expansion” book, we are honored and humbled to receive a 4-star review, and a “Indie Reader Approved” status today from IndieReader. Congrats to Nancy Manet and Michelle Buvala for this fine, detailed review recognizing the hundreds of hours that go into producing a book like this. 

Here’s an excerpt:

“Nancy Manet’s book MY EXPANSION, beautifully illustrated by Michelle Buvala, is an original, creative, and compassionate story to encourage and offer guidance to a child who may be different from other children . . . While MY EXPANSION is clearly a children’s book, the messages it conveys are as much directed at parents as they are at children. “ ~IndieReader

Thank you to everyone on our team that strive for excellence in all our books.


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Tucson Festival of Books 2023

We’ll be at the 2023 Tucson Festival of Books! Great new books, too. Watch this post.

Three New Books Debut on March 4:

Salt and the Sea

the cover of salt and the sea with a colorful drawing of a puppy looking over the edge of a raft

My Expansion

a big and little bear bump heads on the cover of the book. watercolor collage illustration against a dark green background.

The Gecko is
On the Cover


Schedule. See us in booth #408

Saturday, March 4, 2023

10am Meet and Greet:  Michelle Buvala

10am: Free Family Craft #1: Gecko Headbands for the book, “The Gecko is On the Cover.”

12noon Meet and Greet: Nancy Manet

12noon Free Family Craft: Bear Masks for the book, “My Expansion.”

2pm Meet and Greet:  Harriet Cole

2pm Family Crafting #3

4pm Meet and Greet: Sean Buvala & Marc Severson

4pm: Family Crafting: #4


Sunday, March 5, 2023

10am Meet and Greet: Nancy Manet

10am: Family Crafting #1:

12noon Meet and Greet: Amanda Malek Ahmadi

12noon Family Crafting #2

2pm Meet and Greet: Tamera Norwood

2pm Family Crafting #3

4pm Meet and Greet: Harriet Cole

4pm: Family Crafting: #4




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Is it time for you to publish your book for kids?

Come start your journey with our learning resources. a blurry image of kids and we invite you to get focused and publish your book

✍️ Writing children’s books is an incredible way to improve the world.

🌎 Here are five benefits of being an author of children’s books:

• Share your creativity: Writing children’s books is a great way to be creative and share your ideas with the world. 💡

• Make a difference: You will have the opportunity to impact the lives of many young readers positively. 🤗

• Be an inspiration: Writing for young readers can provide inspiration and motivation to help them achieve great things. 🚀

• Express yourself: Writing children’s books allows you to express yourself through stories and characters. 📝

• Create memories: Writing children’s books can create memories that will last a lifetime. 💭

Get started. Can you do it? 🤩 You never know where it may lead you.

Reach out if you want help, author. #authorlife #childrensbooks 📚

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Vendor Show Cooperative Advertising

Hey, authors! New 2023 Co-Ops are open!  Vendor-Show Cooperative Advertising

crowds gather around our booth at small tooth dog publishing at tucson festival of booksDo you have a book (kidlit or nonfiction) not published by us that you’d like to see promoted at a festival or convention?

Working a vendor show at a festival, convention, or a “con” can be tiring, challenging, and expensive, especially when you have just one or two books. However, we’re experienced at these shows and have the necessary personnel and supplies. Why not let us do the work for your book for a fraction of what it would cost for you to do it yourself?

We invite you to consider placing your high-quality book(s) at some of our upcoming shows. There is value in saying, “My books appeared at ‘XYZ Big Fest!” We’ll be sure to capture digital pictures that show your book in a great light. You can then use these as you wish.

Learn more right now at this link.

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2023 Tune Up!

Our latest workshop/lab helping you get your social media ready for 2023. 

Let’s remove your excuses and help launch a fantastic 2023 where you’ll reach and connect with audiences, readers, and great customers.

Confused, Lost, Burnt Out, Overwhelmed, Frustrated?

Another NEW YEAR is upon us, and you still aren’t where you want to be? You are so done with theories and making resolutions …and…you know you won’t be able to keep them.

The core essentials of marketing have not changed in decades. However, HOW marketing is done changes frequently. Perhaps you are a bit confused by the “option shock” and want someone to show you WHAT needs to be done and HOW to get it in place and working. You’re not ready to hire staff yet, but sheesh, all of this is making you a bit crazy?

Or, you might be doing okay with your work but want a refresh on the latest ideas and services, that is, a tune-up for 2023.

Okay, we hear you. What if we gave you the steps weekly and showed you where the (no cost!) resources are ready for you to use?

What’s the offer?

Read more

Gift Idea: There’s Good All Around

There’s good all around. This excellent book for kids and families has a positive message: even when things get you down, there still can be found good all around.

An easy, gentle book for all those good-night times, especially the poetic verses from @tamera.norwood and illustrations from Graziella Miligi. This will hold a place in your family’sthe cover of there's good all around. bedtime routine.

Order now for December deliveries.


Happy Thanksgiving Week.

a drawing of our mascot named quill holding a paper-bag turkey on one of his paws. the wording is a wish for a fine thanksgiving for you and yours.

Our best wishes to you and those you call family. We hope you find peace and patience as this holiday season begins. Be good to yourself.

If you’ve got kids, big kids, or adults who like Coloring Pages, here’s a free download from Michelle Buvala from @themesquitetreestudio. Use this link now to download the pdf.

Our offices will be closed until Monday, November 28. If you have appointments with our staff this week, those meetings are still taking place. Please follow our Instagram for the latest updates.

Our Free Monday Night Coaching for authors and creatives will be at its regular time of 4pm Pacific (Los Angeles) / 7pm East (New York) on Monday the 28th. See you there in our FB group.

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Do you want us to do your social media for you?

Authors and other Creatives! Do you loathe the work of social media? We’ve opened up new agency services to take some marketing work off your plate. Get your time and sanity back and let us do our “Consistent Presence” package. There are more details at this link here, or watch the video to learn more!

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So you might notice this site is a bit….wonky.

collage picture of pigs jumping out of a basketIt’s chaos!! We pulled the blanket off the basket of our business one day, and it all went crazy! October 2022: Our site vanished. Poof. Gone. Webhost deleted it all and took off. Ummm.

So, as of October 2022, we’re rebuilding it all. We restored what we could, then took a moment for a little cry. 🙂 And… we are working on all the missing pieces. We’re here. Expect missing things for a bit. Thanks for your patience.

This, too, shall pass.