Pamela Cannons Wagner

pamela smiles at the camera as she wears a bolero-style hat with steampunk adornments on it.Pamela Cannons Wagner grew up in a small southern Illinois town where Autumn would paint the falling leaves in oranges and reds, pumpkins were the size of punch bowls, and Halloween became her favorite holiday.

Born with a rare genetic bone disorder, Pamela used her imagination to escape her wheelchair. Being creative has been a part of her life since grade school; she even won an art scholarship to college. As an operations coordinator for the University of Arizona, she helps people with mental health challenges lead happier, healthier lives.

After graduating from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where she met her husband of over thirty years, Pamela moved to southern Arizona, where she enjoys the warm weather and diverse surroundings. 

One night, a whimsical dream introduced Pamela to a little javelina, a creature that navigates life on a red scooter and lives and breathes everything Halloween. Inspired by this vision, she wrote his story the very next morning. This tale, Hollis the Halloween Javelina, is now her debut book, scheduled for release in October 2024. “Hollis, in a way, mirrors my journey. He’s learned to embrace his uniqueness and carve out a fulfilling life,” she shared.