C.S. Fritz

Casey “C.S.” Fritz grew up on a farm in Oregon, where he milked cows and had a pet pig. To escape the endless chores of cleaning chicken coops and watering tomatoes, Casey would draw.

As a young child, Casey’s family moved to Arizona. There, beneath the fiery gaze of the Southwestern sun, he spent most of his life while graduating from school, marrying the love of his life, and having two wild kids. It was also there that C.S. Fritz’s work began to take traction with local galleries and art publications.

C.S. Fritz is now an award-winning author and illustrator with published titles such as The Cottonmouth Trilogy, Good Night Tales, The Moonman Cometh, and much more!

Casey is the illustrator for Fifteen Pounds of Muscle and Bounce: And Other Uncomfortable Norse Tales which was released by The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group in the fall of 2020.

Learn more about C.S. Fritz at his sites at https://www.csfritz.art or https://www.instagram.com/casey_fritz/