The Moon Was Not Happy: Compartiendo el Cielo

The Moon Was Not Happy: the cover of the moon was not happy compartiendo el cielo. featuring a blue moon against a dark skey with clouds on it. by sean buvala and arizona publisher small tooth dog publishing group

• A Beautifully Illustrated Bilingual Book
-Perfect for children of all ages
-Illustrations are sure to captivate your child
-Written in both English and Spanish

• An Original Pourquoi Tale
-Explains why the Sun chases the Moon
-Explores themes of jealousy, myths, and ancient values

• Perfect for Bedtime Reading
-Cuddle and bond with your child
-Encourage independent reading skills

• Great for Classroom and STEaM Education
-Introduce multiple concepts with this book
-Encourages conversations about the beliefs of other cultures
-A must-have for households entertaining children!

Written by Sean Buvala

Illustrated by Darice Pollard

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