Harriet Cole

harriet cole headshotWhen Harriet Cole was a child in New Mexico, she became convinced that a genuine Norwegian troll lived under the bridge that crosses the Rio Grande near her hometown.

She continued in her belief even during the years when she was an adult earning her living as a small-town newspaper reporter and, later, a traffic-signal repair person.

When she ended up at the South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute, first as a student and then as an instructor, she discovered the joy of sharing good troll stories with audiences of all ages.

Her collection of Norse tales for bigger kids will be released in 2020. These will be especially good for those who, like the smallest Billy Goat Gruff, know how to outwit a troll and for those, like the biggest Billy Goat Gruff, who can outfight one.

Learn more about Harriet at her website.

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