Amanda Malek-Ahmadi

Few people can directly connect their childhood and their work as adults. For Arizona-native Amanda Malek-Ahmadi, it was a messy cat.

She remembers the first time an author visited her elementary school. Mr. Tom, the author of the book, Messy Cat, signed Amanda’s copy, which she still owns today!

Busy being a mother of four, wife to a scientist, professional concert dancer and dance teacher, she began actively pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a published author in early 2017.

Now, if you asked Amanda when she started dancing, she’d laugh and say, “the womb,” but then laugh again and say, “technically, when I was five.” Amanda’s passion for dance and love of teaching children how to dance has led to the creation of many dance stories.

As for the influence of a messy cat? She cannot wait to experience the joy of signing a book for a child at what might be their first author visit.

Amanda Malek-Ahmadi has not only been a former elementary education teacher but is an avid learner. She is a proud SCBWI: The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators member. Amanda seeks opportunities to hone her writing skills in classes and at conferences.

Amanda’s first book with us, Ten Ballet Dancers,  was released in October 2020.

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