From Audience to Zeal: The ABCs of Finding, Crafting, and Telling a Great Story

the cover of the audience to zeal book by laura packer. the title of the book is in the center imposed over a full-page image of old-fashioned printers blocks, some stained blue Coming December 2018. Add your name to the list below to get updates, sneak peeks, contests and maybe even some swag. Special Holiday Ordering in our secure, online store now!

“Award-winning storyteller Laura Packer gives storytellers, and for that matter, artists in many other genres, a powerful understanding of not just the ABC’s of storytelling, but of how to live a more vibrant and creative life. This wildly-wide-reaching book explores the inner and outer work of crafting stories (and the stories of our lives) in tune with our passions, callings, communities, and livelihoods. Packer weaves together pithy and profound chapters on the nuts and bolts aspects of making a living (event planning, contracts, compensation, marketing, and more), crafting and telling stories (whether drawn from fairy tales, real life, current news, or other sources), and whole-life explorations of abundance, truth, healing, ethics, and gratitude. Drawing on humor, honesty, real-life examples, fearless questioning, and clear discernment, Packer’s book is both a magical fountain and a guiding light of inquiry, instruction, and inspiration for all storytellers.” 
— Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Kansas Poet Laureate Emeritus, and author of Miriam’s Well

This is an extensive guide through the ABCs of great storytelling in most any situation. Join Laura for a conversational and studied approach to the many tools, techniques, and reflections for being a great communicator and storyteller. You’ll also be able to explore the foundations and ethics of storytelling. Currently, plans are for the first book of essays followed by a focused workbook to help you apply Laura’s reflections to your own needs and presentations.

Author: Laura S. Packer
ISBN: 9781947408036
Library of Congress Control Number: 2018946666

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