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Heart-Centered Creatives, Authors, Speakers, Performers, Healers, and Teachers:

Get unstuck and past overwhelmed and make a living with your gifts. Now is the time. You want a successful career helping people but you’ve got bills to pay, too. You’re tired of the day job you hate. Family might be pressuring you. Maybe “imposter syndrome” is in your head. Wait! You know you have the gifts and talents to make an impact! Take action. Learn the skills you need. You’ll regret the time you spent in worry and procrastination.

→Who Is This For?

  • Authors, speakers, healers, teachers, and coaches who feel called to serve others using their “zone of genius.”
  • Heart-centered entrepreneurs & creators seeking to launch their passion project (on the side or even a full-time business?)
  • If you’re ready to connect to your soul’s deepest purpose and start attracting “passion capital” through sharing your unique message, story, and gifts, then this is for YOU.
  • Creatives who are talented and caring, but tired of the constant struggle for bookings.

→ What Do You Want?

  • You want a career that blends your personal integrity + an impact on the world.
  • You want to do it without being “salesy” while bringing real value to your audience.
  • You want to get paid what you’re worth, but maybe, sometimes, you still struggle with roadblocks about money, right?
  • You’ve been taught “starving artist” is inevitable, almost a badge-of-honor for anyone. Sigh. We tell ourselves a lot of nonsense, Creative Souls.

→ The Solution:

Sean says, “I’ll teach you the core of Step 1 of my ‘Communicator’s Cash Flow’ in a live Zoom class, *During* the class, you’ll *create and take* that first step on that new path.”

I’m giving you 75 minutes of action-taking content to build your career as a creative. This is content, with the last 10 minutes telling you how you can take the next step to “How to Get Paid What You’re Worth.”

We’ll also let you apply to access our free, private, advanced-marketing FB Group so you can continue to share and learn with our Creatives working through the same journey to success and impact.

Get started. The workshop is free. Homework (PreHomework?): Have your camera/phone ready. And- find a stack of books in your house, the last few books you have read. Grab 1-10 of them. 🙂 Whatever your number of books is, just have them ready.

Look! This is not a webinar. This is a live workshop, taught by (Sean Buvala), using his decades of experience and up-to-date research in how your Creative Soul can have an impact on the world while earning what you worth.REGISTER right now and we’ll see you soon. 

Register for the latest workshop by visiting: 

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