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Small-Tooth-Dog at Tucson Festival of Books, 2020!

drawing of our logo dog named quill with the a burrowing owl which is the symbol of the 2020 tucson festival of boos

We are happy and excited to share with you that we are a participating sponsor at the Tucson Festival of Books in March 2020!

We’ll be sharing updates and more with you about our time at the Tucson Festival of Books, 2020! Here are a few photos from 2019!

Scheduled to appear from our “house” includes authors and illustrators:

The Schedule So Far:

Both Days: Dedicated. Vendor and Activity Booths.

All Weekend! Special goodie bags/tools for school and library staff (show your ID or leave us a business card.)

Special Saturday Events, March 14, 2020:

10am-5pm: Michelle M. Buvala: Art Projects and Book Signings.

10am-12pm Amanda Malek-Ahmadi: Signing postcards and bookmarks for her upcoming book.

12pm-2pm Sean Buvala: Book Signings

2pm-345pm Harriet Cole: Poster Signing for an upcoming book.

4pm Sean Buvala and Harriet Cole on the Children and Storytelling Stage: “These Stories Get Weird: Folktales and Fairytales With Bizarre Stuff.”


Special Sunday Events, March 15, 2020:

10am-530pm: Michelle M. Buvala: Art Projects and Book Signings.

10am-12pm Amanda Malek-Ahmadi: Signing postcards and bookmarks for her upcoming book!

2pm-315pm: Marc Severson: Book Signing

330pm-4pm Marc Severson storytelling on the Storytelling Blanket.

More news and artists coming soon!



Amanda Malek-Ahmadi (Sat, Mar 14, 10:00 am) [X]
Amanda Malek-Ahmadi (Sun, Mar 15, 10:00 am) [X]
Harriet Cole (Sat, Mar 14, 2:00 pm) [X]
C.S Fritz (Sat, Mar 14, 2:00 pm) [X]
Marc Severson (Sun, Mar 15, 2:00 pm) [X]
Michelle M. Buvala (Sat, Mar 14, 10:00 am) [X]
Michelle M. Buvala (Sun, Mar 15, 10:00 am) [X]


logo for tucson festival of books friend of the festiva


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Interview with Author Marc Severson

Our publisher, Sean Buvala, sat down with author Marc Severson to talk shop about his new book “Don’t Throw Me in the Cholla Patch!” recently published by us. A transcript is included below. It’s a transcript, not a polished, printed document. Enjoy the “flavor” of it all.

Listen at Anchor!

Sean Buvala: Hey. This is Sean Buvala with Small Tooth Dog Publishing Group. I’m talking today to one of our new authors. You’ve been around the block for a while.

Marc Severson: Thirty years or so.

Sean Buvala: This is Mark Severson. He has just released with us, Don’t Throw Me in the Choya Patch. The wood rat and coyote story. The first of the woodrat stories.

Marc Severson: Absolutely.

Sean Buvala: Mark, how are ya?

Marc Severson: I’m doing great. I like to say that over the last 30 years, I’ve become an overnight sensation.

Sean Buvala: Yes, that’s right. That’s all it takes is 30 years. Hey, so we are really pleased to see this book come out with you.

Marc Severson: Not as pleased as I was.

Sean Buvala: That’s good. Look, even your name is on it.

Marc Severson: I know.

Sean Buvala: Where does the story come from? What is the history?

Marc Severson: That’s a great question. When I was an archeologist, I used to be out in the Sonoran desert and I’d find these piles of brush and such. They were surrounded by cholla. I always wondered about them. The fellow that I was doing the survey with said they were woodrat nests. I just thought, “Wow, what a fascinating creature.” They can bring cholla to its nest to protect it from all the other animals.
Read more

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Cover Reveal: Don’t Throw Me in the Cholla Patch!

cover of the book don't throw me in the cholla patch with yellow lettering for the title. pictured is a tiny bandana wearing woodrat falling backward toward a cholla cactus patch as if he has been flung there. comicalWe’re happy to show you the latest cover design for our next book for kids! Marc Severson’s “Don’t Throw Me in the Cholla Patch!” has been released! Illustrated by Francesco Orazzini, this fun book for older kids features the creatures of the Sonoran desert in a reimagined trickster tale!

As we roll out this book, come visit the web page at chollapatch.com for more information! Add your name to our mailing list on the right-hand side of the page so that we can tell you more about this upcoming work. A book for bigger kids, it features a higher-reading level text and fantastic illustrations that are just a bit quirky.

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