2023 Tune Up!

Our latest workshop/lab helping you get your social media ready for 2023. 

Let’s remove your excuses and help launch a fantastic 2023 where you’ll reach and connect with audiences, readers, and great customers.

Confused, Lost, Burnt Out, Overwhelmed, Frustrated?

Another NEW YEAR is upon us, and you still aren’t where you want to be? You are so done with theories and making resolutions …and…you know you won’t be able to keep them.

The core essentials of marketing have not changed in decades. However, HOW marketing is done changes frequently. Perhaps you are a bit confused by the “option shock” and want someone to show you WHAT needs to be done and HOW to get it in place and working. You’re not ready to hire staff yet, but sheesh, all of this is making you a bit crazy?

Or, you might be doing okay with your work but want a refresh on the latest ideas and services, that is, a tune-up for 2023.

Okay, we hear you. What if we gave you the steps weekly and showed you where the (no cost!) resources are ready for you to use?

What’s the offer?

Three intensive¬†working group sessions with Sean Buvala where he’ll lay out a map to creating the marketing and products you need for a career as an author, speaker, healer, teacher, storyteller, or coach. If you choose, you’ll have a weekly plan of what to do and where to find the no-cost resources you need to get.the.work.done.

This is not three sessions of theory or high-level ideas. It’s not about building a house; it’s showing you where the hammer, nails, and wood are for the taking. Then, we’ll detail how, where, and when to use them. You’ll come back each week to show us what you made.

Together, we will cross out your excuses!

I don’t have enough money.

I don’t have time.

Social media is too hard to learn.

I can afford the software.

I am overwhelmed.

I am too old.

I’m not creative enough.

I want to have a full-time creative career that is magical and filled with fairy lights and adoring, fawning fans.

If you have at least a smartphone, a computer, and Internet service, you have what you need.

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