Fairytales Teach…..Part Two

Are fairytales any good any more for modern audiences, for kids, for schools, for life? The fairytale has taken somewhat of a beating of late. Thought to be too “this” or “that,” it’s easy to miss the teachable moments in the middle of trying to seek balance in these older stories…or the new ones being made. Here are a few of our thoughts. This is the second posting in the series. You can see the first post at this link now. Part Three is linked at the bottom of this post. The illustrations in this collection are from our “Apples for the Princess” kid’s book. Please feel free to Pin or Book or Tweet or link to us on social media. More thoughts after the pictures…

4. Fairytales teach that life requires a journey.
Fairytales teach that life requires a journey. http://www.applesfortheprincess.com

5. Fairytales teach that things are not always what they seem.
Fairytales teach that not everything is at it first appears. applesfortheprincess.com

6. Fairytales teach that even those who live in castles have problems.
Fairytales teach that even those who live in castles can have big problems. applesfortheprincess.com

It’s important, we think, that we understand that nothing children (especially) encounter is done in a vacuum of experience. As parents, we need to actively engage in all media from ancient tales to modern phone screens. What is your child seeing? All media can be used to teach, even the moments that you think the child “isn’t ready for.” Engage. Look at your kids. Tell them fairytalesor read them. 🙂 .

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