Praise for “From Audience to Zeal” by Laura S. Packer

shows covers of laura packer's new book title from audience to zeal the abcs of finding crafting and telling a great story“In ‘From Audience to Zeal,’ Laura Packer has created a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ that is a remarkable combination of good advice and wonder about the length and breadth of storytelling… time and time again as I read it has set me to thinking about how delicious and right her words are.”
-Loren Niemi, Storyteller

“Whether telling stories for fun or for one’s livelihood, this reference guide will be a useful addition to one’s storytelling library. Beginning storytellers will find that it easily breaks down the nuts and bolts of storytelling from ‘A to Z’. Seasoned storytellers will appreciate Laura’s experiences and anecdotes to hone their own practices.  What I valued most about Laura’s approach is that she provides a blending of storytelling pragmatic, theory and skills while using her own stories and sense of humor to guide the reader along.”
-Aimee DuBois, Storytelling Instructor, Normandale Community College

“Wow! Yes, that’s one of the entries in this amazing book, along with Love and Vulnerability, Tenderness and Truth. Although I am not a professional storyteller and reading a book – even one as good as this – isn’t going to make me one, I can say that I came to have even greater regard for this profession, and for author Laura Packer, a very special storyteller, as well. Like many A-to-Z books, this one is intended to be dipped into as the need arises, but it was equally interesting and informative read in linear fashion. Indeed, the lessons reinforced each other and the writing is engaging and lyrical. This book promises to enlighten and delight, to demonstrate and show, and yes, to cause the reader to say, more than once, ‘Wow!'”
-Susan Dray

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“Laura Packer’s new book, ‘Audience to Zeal” delightfully covers subject areas of storytelling that we have all encountered, and many we have never even thought about. This is a great thing for storytellers, to encounter concepts that keep us focused, constantly learning and on-our-toes. She covers ‘dialogue and also ‘death’ and not only ‘movement’ but ‘monsters.’ She does this all with the knowledge and “tenderness” (another chapter) that separates her as a great coach and caring friend. Most chapters in this book are short, easy-to-read gems of knowledge gleaned from a lifetime of storytelling and story study. This book is a clear treatise on storytelling, inspired by all the letters of the alphabet. A treasure for both beginners and seasoned tellers who may understand ‘blocks’ but, perhaps, have never thought about how ‘baggage’ affects their storytelling.”
-Mark Goldman, author of “Storytelling Tips: Creating, Crafting & Telling Stories.”

“Laura Packer’s ‘Audience to Zeal: The ABCs of Finding, Crafting and Telling a Great Story’ (2019) is no ordinary ‘how to’ of storytelling. It is a personal journey of the art and practice of storytelling. I am sure anyone who reads this will not only learn the basics but also be informed by someone who has walked the road. One values the path she has paved for the reader. Whether you are starting out or wondering about next directions in the art, Laura is an excellent experienced guide.”
-Kevin D. Cordi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education, Ohio Northern University; International Storytelling SIG Chair, National Council Teachers of English

“Award-winning storyteller Laura S. Packer gives storytellers, and for that matter, artists in many other genres, a powerful understanding of not just the ABC’s of storytelling, but of how to live a more vibrant and creative life. This wildly-wide-reaching book explores the inner and outer work of crafting stories (and the stories of our lives) in tune with our passions, callings, communities, and livelihoods. Drawing on humor, honesty, real-life examples, fearless questioning, and clear discernment, Packer’s book is both a magical fountain and a guiding light of inquiry, instruction, and inspiration for all storytellers.”
-Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Kansas Poet Laureate Emeritus; Author of “Miriam’s Well”

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