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Fifteen Pounds of Muscle and Bounce

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A collection of slightly-odd Norse folk and fairytales for kids 10 years and older.
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"Reading each story is like eating spoonfuls of Christmas porridge. You will enjoy, and enjoy, and enjoy, until you are finished. A delicious book." -Phyllis Ralley, author of “The Dog Who Wanted to Fly”

Delve Into the Exciting World of Norse Folk and Fairytales & Help Your Children Spark Their Imagination, See Anther Culture and Provide Them With Reading Fun!

Well, that's weird.

A tiny pet

takes up the fight.

Thor and Loki

can't get it right.

Gnaw the bone.

The cat's alone?

And everyone's mad

about porridge.

"Fifteen Pounds of Muscle and Bounce" is a collection of slightly-odd, but incredibly entertaining Norse folk stories and fairytales for children over 10."

With this book, your kids and grandkids will:

  • Meet the bear that has been tricked by the quick-witted fox and discover how he lost his beautiful, fluffy tail;
  • Learn about trust and humility and how far it will get them through an exciting story about a poor cottager and his kitten;
  • Join Jesper on his thrilling journey through the forest as he does what no man has done before - return the King's hares to the castle;
  • Giggle with the dairymaid and the Nisse as they dance the Swedish Hambo until their feet fall off;
  • Obsess over the hungry cat that wanted to eat the whole world and get to know lots of unusual, captivating characters!

A must-have book that has the power to capture the attention of all types of kids, it will open their minds to cultures beyond their own. Filled with hilarious, incredibly interesting graphic-novel-like illustrations, this collection will captivate your kid's attention from the first page!

Please note, the stories in this book are aimed at children aged 10-12 and are not suitable for younger kids. This will add an additional layer of appeal, as they'll be excited to know that they're reading a book for big kids!

If you like to treat your kids to something different than the monotonous, already-heard stories
they got so bored of, get this book and you'll score bonus parent or grandparent points! Interspersed with graphic-novel influenced illustrations for each story, it will soon become your children's favorite book. This book is printed on heavy paper with deep ink.

Whether your kids are reluctant readers or budding bookworms, this book will make them fall in love with reading, spark their imagination, and provide them with endless fun!

"The tales are short and very visual in the telling. They can be shared with younger students and enjoyed with parents and family members."

- Sandra W. Haak, PhD, Retired University of Utah Associate Professor


Paperback, 5.5x8.5inch.
76 Pages
Audience: Upper Elementary

ISBN: 978-1947408234
Author: Harriet Cole
Illustrator: C.S. Fritz

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