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The Fox and the Crow: Art and Stories Inspired by Aesop

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The animals speak and odd things happen in words and art inspired by Aesop.

You'll find a:

  • Delusional Donkey
  • Mischievous Mouse
  • Flattering Fox
  • Cavorting Camel
  • Furious Frog
  • Haughty Hare

...and a bunch more.

These aren't stories for little children. Open up your big-kid mind and explore some stories you might not have heard before.

Fables are reimagined by professional storyteller Sean Buvala. Each is hand illustrated with watercolor and layered-paper collage

With a mix of very classic Aesop fables along with some mostly-bent fables, this book is best for the older child and the adults who care about them. The stories inside are adapted by K. Sean Buvala and the book is illustrated by Michelle Buvala.

Ages 10-13
U.S. Grade Levels 4-8

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