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The Moon Was Not Happy: Compartiendo El Cielo

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An original pourquoi tale in both English and Spanish.
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"Why does the sun chase the moon?"

Parents, if you’re looking for a beautifully illustrated, bilingual book for your child, look no further!

This original pourquoi tale explains that the Moon is jealous of his brother the Sun for no reason other than he thinks people love Sun more than he. The beautiful illustrations are sure to captivate your child. This story of why the sun chases the moon is written in both English and Spanish and is the perfect bedtime story.

Cuddle and bond your child while you read together, or encourage independent reading skills that will last your child a lifetime.

STEaM Educator?

This book is also perfect for STEAM education in the classroom
and offers a unique way to introduce multiple concepts—jealousy, myths to explain human behaviors, ancient values and philosophies—as well as opening the door for discussions into these topics and encouraging conversations about the beliefs of other cultures throughout history. This book is a must have for households entertaining children!

Written by Sean Buvala

Illustrated by Darice Pollard.

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